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YOUTUBE MUSIC : We all are well familiar with Youtube and undoubtedly one can say that it has become a part and parcel of our lives. One prefers Youtube to discover new content varying from humor to music, knowledge, news, etc. But there are certain drawbacks in using Youtube and that makes our experience a little bit compromising, though provided with best features.

Especially when it comes to music, many complain that the audio quality is quite poor and people switch to audio music apps like Spotify, Gaana, etc to enjoy the essence of music in a full-fledged manner. So, this is where a need was raised for an app like “Youtube Music” that covers the major part where actually Youtube lacks.

Youtube Music India

youtube music india
youtube music india

Features of Youtube Music app:

Since, Youtube music app is solely developed to insert new features and options which are advanced and flexible, let’s discuss those extra features “Youtube music” is going to provide to maximize your satisfaction.

Enables to fill screen:

For general users of Youtube, the major problem arises when the users of extra tall screens need to zoom the videos which is available only for premium But Youtube Music allows the user to zoom in the videos and allows to get rid of letterboxed gaps for free.

Block Button:

Usually Youtube allows you to like or dislike any music videos, but Youtube music has proceeded one step further by providing you the option to block a particular album or artist to avoid looking at their work.

Endless playback:

Youtubers especially music lovers encounters a disturbance when they aren’t allowed to playback the video after crossing a limited number of times. But “Youtube music” is working on the same for a thrilling experience.

Audio quality:

Youtube majorly fails at providing a good audio quality that is not even close to the original The app compresses the quality to a greater extent and a song with good quality can’t be heard and enjoyed in the same way as expected. But “Youtube music” has overcome this point by providing an audio quality of 256kbps AAC.

Complete usage of Google assistance:

Generally, Youtube doesn’t give you enough access to integrate with Google Home, but Youtube Music does the opposite and the research team has been constantly trying to develop it to an extent where you cast and assist at a faster

Sorting the playlist:

Youtube music app is working on providing more options to sort the playlist other than the date added/ modified

Fully customized:

This is where Youtube music has attracted millions of viewers as it allows you to customize the entire screen as per our needs, where one can create thousands of themed playlists. Also, the search option is so flexible that you can just reach the right song by searching the description or a bit of lyrics.

Free for Google play music users:

Youtube music app also released its premium version which is worth the price. But the extra special feature is that a subscriber of Google Play Music can avail this premium version for free.

Youtube Premium:

Just like Youtube, even Youtube music has released the version “Youtube Premium”. But the good news is that it allows you to use it for a free trial of 3 months and asks you to subscribe only if you enjoyed and are willing to do the

Ability to choose the download location:

This is one of our favorite features Youtube Music has provided as it allows you to download the selected video and it also enables you to choose the location and you can write it both on your internal storage or SD card as per your convenience.

Comfortable offline mode:

The amount of facilities an Youtube music user avails on offline mode are far more easier and flexible compared to other applications.

Youtube music app:

Now many of you who are new to this app might be worrying to download it and also stressing their minds for finding appropriate links. But don’t worry as the Android version is available on the “Google Play store”. This is how you can enjoy all the amazing benefits of the app through a simple process.

  • Search for “Youtube music” app in the Play
  • Click on Install
  • Start using by giving it access to your gmail or yahoo

Downloading Youtube music app for PC:

In the above information, we have only discussed about the introduction and ultimate features of Youtube music app. We have also tried to provide the utmost simple method of downloading the app for Android or iOS where you have to follow the similar method, that is searching for respective app stores. But many extreme PC or laptop users might not be satisfied with the amount of information above. They are comfortable using it on desktop and might be worrying about the ways to download it and using it on PC.

Steps to Use “Youtube music” app for PC:

Youtube music on PC
Youtube music on PC

Though the official developers haven’t provided an exact website or other additional options to download it on PC, we have figured out a few ways you can use the same on your desktop effortlessly.

  • Open an additional tab in your
  • Click on this link:
  • You will be redirected to the official website of “Youtube music”
  • Log in or Sign in with a Gmail
  • Select an appropriate
  • Continue to discover your favorite artists over
  • You can get all the albums of the selected artists and also additionally provided with “Hotlist” where you can discover the trending

So, the above is a simple process for using “Youtube music” on PC as the makers hasn’t yet released any official website link to download it. But it facilitates all the functions that made you to choose the application in the first place.


This is the complete information regarding “Youtube Music”, its advanced features and process to download it on Android and PC. Do comment the doubts and queries to discover more about the application.

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