Download “YouTube Go” App For PC – Windows 7,8,10

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Youtube Go : We all love Youtube where we enjoy looking at trending videos, music, favorite movies, gaming videos, entertainment videos, news and necessary information, etc. I personally spend most of my time in Youtube to keep myself with all latest news. Upload, view, like, share has become most common terms. It is considered best because you can upload videos on selected content to the whole world in one click, at the same time you can look at all related videos of your topic with one “search”. By and by, Youtube started providing new features like live streaming, 3D videos, 360- degree videos, etc.

But where does “Youtube Go” fit in this concept ?!  To know about Youtube Go app continue this article. “Youtube Go” is a latest app developed for android users with advanced features which make Youtube experience more easy and thrilling. They have come with new ideas and brought them to reality like allowing us to preview videos, download Youtube video offline and share them through Bluetooth, manage data usage, video resolutions etc.

I personally prefer this app because I’m fed up of youtube’s offline feature as it helps you to save video but you cannot manage the storage place nor you can share the video, also it doesn’t necessarily save your data usage due to its limited features. Previously, I had to use many unofficial apps to get the videos saved in my memory card but Youtube Go has solved this problem.  This app is specially designed for users who have limited data and connectivity. Another interested fact about “Youtube Go” is it is first launched in Delhi, India to bring video experience to everyone. I know you are enthusiastic to know more about this app, so I quickly proceed into further details.

Youtube Go
Youtube Go

Additional Features Available In Youtube Go:

  • Access videos even with slow network connection.
  • Save and share videos offline.
  • Manage and control storage and data.
  • Especially designed for data constraints in India and released primarily in India.
  • Preview video snippets to before watching or saving videos.
  • Share videos without need of data.
  • You can permanently remove a video from your home screen, if you don’t like it.
  • Works efficiently even with 2g data speed.
  • Constantly notifies your remaining data, to make you decide whether to watch and save videos or not.

Download Youtube Go App

Any android users with a Google account can easily download this app from play store. I will also give you a link which takes you to the app in one go. Just press this link from your device and it will redirect you to the play store and just click on “install” button to download the app.

Download “YouTube Go” App For PC – Windows 7,8,10 & Mac


To enjoy the features of an application, you must be completely aware about the process to use the app. So, I will tell you precisely about usage of the app and ‘how to make full use of it’. After installing the app, open it to get started. “Youtube GO” ask you to select a language. Select a convenient language (preferably ‘English’ to understand the options easily).

Install Youtube go
Install Youtube go

After that, click next. Now the app asks you to enter your mobile number and if you move further ‘Youtube Go’ links your Google account with your mobile number. Now press next to get a code from “Youtube Go” and enter the code to get access to your app. You will be asked for allowing permissions, which you have to allow for enjoying all the features. Click on “next” to start using the app. At the bottom end you can see two options ‘home’ and ‘downloads’ where you can see your feed and ‘downloads’ is where all your saved videos appear.

youtube go setup
youtube go setup

On the top of the page you can see a symbol that signifies “sharing information from one mobile to another”, you can click on that whenever you want to share your videos to/from your friends. Search for videos and click on them to watch a preview, to choose the video quality. It also display options ‘play’ and ‘download’, which enables to watch whenever you are free and costs a minimal data. The only thing you cannot do in ‘Youtube Go’ is that you can like a video or subscribe a channel, you have to use general “Youtube” for that.

Youtube go for PC:

Till now I have explained every possible and easiest ways to download “YoutubeGo”, also I have provided the features and steps to use it wisely. But let’s proceed towards something that is more interesting, that is downloading and using “Youtube go” in PC. Yes, as we all know how easy are things with this amazing app, we shouldn’t limit the benefits just to our mobiles.

Download Youtube Go for PC:

Now let’s get into the process step-by-step slowly and clearly, to avoid all possible hindrances in installing the app.

Steps to download/ install “Youtube Go” in PC:

**Download a good emulator ( I recommend Bluestacks emulator).

**Now click on the shortcut icon to open and run the emulator.

**Now proceed forward by searching for “YoutubeGo” app in the search box.

**Once you recognize the original app among the search results, hit the install button.

**When the installation is finished then open the app to start using it.

**Simple as it seems, the process to use is similar to the one i have described for mobile users.

Let me explain the whole process in a detailed manner. To download any android application in PC, you need a software called emulator which help those apps to run in your PC easily. So, download Bluestacks emulator which is best among all other softwares available in market. Now press the short cut icon to run the software as it is downloaded.

To get your desired app, just search for the app in the search box available there and choose the original application from the list available there. Just install the application like you do in your mobiles to download the application in your PC. Yes, your favourite android application is ready to use in PC with same features and programs.

How to Save/Download Videos in YouTube Go App?

The design of YouTube Go app increases the ease to download and share YouTube videos. You need to follow some steps to save or download videos in YouTubeGo App.

Step 1:

You must set your download location to the SD card before you go for downloading videos. Firstly turn that on by going to the menu on the app and select settings. Under the section of Video storage, select the SD card. The SD card will not play the downloaded videos if you eject it and use it on another device.

Step 2:

Secondly, to download, open the YouTube Go app and select the video you like. Select and open the video, now select the video quality then choose download. You will have to choose amongst data saver, high quality, or standard quality.  You can check the progress of the download on the home screen. The video will store in your SD card, allowing you to access it anytime offline.

The download button is blue in colour and easy to spot. At times, the app will demand you to connect the device to the internet to enjoy offline videos. If your connection gets interrupted, then your download will pause. It will again resume from the same point when connectivity error is fixed.


I have tried to give you every small detail relating to “YoutubeGo” app. The latest version of app has improved personalization feature to make your experience more easy and convenient. Download it now and use all advanced features provided by Google. Do let me know your comments on this article and doubts related to this topic are encouraged. If you found this useful, then share it among your friends and family J.

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