Mini Militia on PC – Windows & MAC Latest Version Download

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Mini Militia on PC Windows & MAC : Although there are numerous games available, Mini Militia has got a special attention among other similar games. There is a global wide recognition & craze for this game & I personally became addictive to this game. Pro pack is available to this game which gives character customizations, new weapons & maps. But, even the Mini Militia free version is satisfying enough for game lovers. Developers of Mini Militia have initially made it available only for android and iOS users. But no worries, here we are going to provide you the latest version of Doodle army2: Mini Militia on PC.  Follow the below steps to play Mini Militia on Windows & MAC PC

Guide : How to Play Mini Militia on PC – Windows & MAC

Play mini militia on pc
Play mini militia on pc

Now before discussing about all the additional features, I would quickly like to tell you the essentials to download the game on PC.

  • Begin with installing an Android emulator, which is a software that helps you run android apps on PC (I prefer Bluestacks because it is quick, you can use some other emulator also).
  • Doodle army 2: Mini Militia APK file.
  • Internet access to your PC.


These are the things you basically require to play the game on your PC. All that you need is an android emulator, which is a must to run android apps on pc and as I suggested Bluestacks, I will provide the link below to download the latest version of it. Let us look at the steps below to download & play the game both online and offline.

  • Install Bluestacks from the link provided below on your PC (You can also try Andyroid, according to your comfort).
  • Download Mini Militia APK file (which is also provided below for your convenience).
  • Open the file and install it with the help of Bluestacks.
  • Open the Bluestacks and click on the android tab.
  • Now you can see the Mini Militia(DA 2) icon( if you follow the above steps properly).
  • Just click on that icon to start the game.
  • Here it is, your favourite game is now available on PC.
Mini Militia on PC
Mini Militia on PC

Bluestacks emulator enabled all PC users to play the game, but Mac users cannot use this as it is not supported by iOS. But guys, there is another android emulator called iPadian available for all Mac lovers. So I will continue with the steps to play Mini Militia on your Mac PC.

Installing Mini Militia in PC through iPadian (for Mac users):

Similar to the Bluestacks,” iPadian” helps to run android apps on Mac PC. The steps to download it through Bluestacks are as follows.

  • Install iPadian & open it.
  • Enter it as Mini Militia in the search button & press enter.
  • The game is now visible to you.
  • Install the game.
  • A shortcut icon appears on the screen.
  • Click that icon to play the game.

Download Mini Militia hacked versions/ latest versions for Windows PC:

There are lots of mod APK’s available in market online, then why settle with old versions! Let’s make the gaming more interesting. Look at these references about MINI MILITIA MODS APK along with their download links.

You can download these mods from this link

Mini Militia Mod features

  • Default weapon – Primary weapon is ak47 and secondary weapon is saw cutter.
  • Dual wield– You can use saw cutter and ak47 at same time.
  • Attach and Throw proxy mines at infinite range
  • No bullet spread– Your bullet will go only in one direction instead of spreading.
  • Magic wall– Your bullet will pass through wall.
  • Birth waiting time 0 second– Your avatar will be birth instantly.
  • Magic player speed 4x– Your avatar speed will be 4x faster than normal.
  • Bullet speed 3x– Your bullet speed will be 3x faster.
  • Auto fire gun – Your gun will continuously auto-fire.
  • Infinite bullet range – The range of bullet will be infinite.
  • Radareverywhere – You can see your enemy via red sign from very far.
  • Zoom 7x– You can zoom 7x in every gun.
  • One Shot Kill– You can kill your enemy with only one bullet.
  • 3 Bullet per shot– 3  Bullets fired per shot with a spread in a different direction.
  • No reload– The Weapon will never reload.
  • Unlimited Nitro– You can fly unlimited time without any rest.
  • Get Unlimited Ammo– You can fire continuously without any reload and Unlimited Ammo.
  • Unlimited Bomb– You can through any numbers of Bomb.
  • Pro pack– You can use All guns and duel wield during online gaming, and All avatars unlocked.
  • All store item unlocked– All store items purchased by default.

Mini Militia Hack / MOD Game

Along with the official game there are modded APK available which are nothing but hacked versions of the game, this makes the game to lost interest for other online users who are playing with you. Mini Militia MOD game enable you to use more features which are not available to normal users. And also sometimes when you are playing the game with online competitors in the normal version, the hackers might intrude or disturb the game by finishing it in seconds using some hacks. So I personally suggest you not to use hacked versions to make your game experience more thrilling. Also it helps you to prank your friends without their knowledge & you can amaze them by unlocking new features. There are lots of mods available in the market, I will provide a few of them below.


So, I tried to impart all my knowledge regarding this game. Follow above steps to get Mimi Militia on  PC (WINDOWS OR MAC) and also do try the latest mods I have provided you with. Guys do share your views about the article in the comment section below and you can ask doubts regarding this game in comment. Share this article among your friends and social media to invite more co-players and make your game adventurous.

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