Guide to Login Telegram Messenger Desktop/PC- Windows 7,8,10

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Telegram Messenger: In this tech savvy era communicating with people is no longer a scrupulous procedure. Instant Messaging applications are growing by leaps and bounds as they offer quick communication between users.

Telegram Messenger is one such instant messenger and VOIP service. With a bunch of impressive features along with real time transmission of messages, Telegram Messenger has become a popular choice among the users. This smartphone application can now be accessed from your desktop devices with Telegram web being available for Windows OS. There are a few ways in which you can use the app on your computer in this article we will discuss in detail the various methods through which you can use Telegram App on your Windows PC.

Instant Messaging app, Telegram messenger is a very fast and secure instant messaging application that helps you keep in touch with your friends. The web version of this application is packaged with Google Chrome extensions and the chat threads are in continuous sync with your Telegram account. With Telegram app available for windows enjoy all the features of the smartphone application on your computer.

Features of Telegram Messenger

Telegram messenger ranks among one of the best instant messaging application in the present day and it is due to the fact that the app comes with a whole lot of interesting features. Let us take a look at the interactive features of Telegram that makes it such a great application.

Cloud Based Messages:

This Telegram messenger  is a cloud based instant messaging application, the messages sent and received through this app are stored in cloud space such that you get access to all your chat threads from any of your connected devices.

Telegram Bots:

Telegram app features its own bots that can respond to your text messages and be invited to group chats. The bots respond to users’ messages and subsequently provides the matching content. To activate a bot you need to type the bots username and then send your queries. These bots are also used to accept online payments through any credit card or Apple Pay.


Telegram Messenger has a cool collection of animated stickers that you can use within your messages to amplify the meaning of your text. The application comes with a set of default stickers but any user can download more stickers from the sticker store, the sticker sets download by a particular user automatically become available for all other recipients.


Telegram lets you create Channels within the app. These channels are created to broadcast messages to a wide number of users. These channels use an alias and a URL accessible to multiple users. Any user can join or leave a channel anytime they want and the channel notifications can also be muted according to users’ preference.

Voice Calls:

The voice calling feature was incorporated within the app in 2017 and is available in most of the countries. The voice calls carried out through Telegram are end to end encrypted similar to the secret chat feature.

Group Chat:

Group chat is another functionality of Telegram where you add multiple people in a single group. Telegram allows to add up to 100,000 members in its group chats. Messages sent within the chat can be pinned and these pinned messages will be displayed at the top of the chat screen.

Location Sharing:

Users can also share there live locations with their friends through the location sharing feature. The location sharing can be extended from 15 minutes up to a time period of 8 hours and can be stopped anytime you want.

Guide to Login Telegram Messenger Desktop/PC- Windows 7,8,10

Login Telegram Messenger Desktop PC
Login Telegram Messenger Desktop PC

The popular Telegram app can be accessed from computers as well. There are multiple ways through which you can use this app on PC. The app has an official desktop app that runs on Windows operating systems by login telegram. You can also use the Google Chrome extension or the web client to use this app from your Windows PC or laptop.

Login Telegram Desktop/PC- Windows

Method – 1: Login Telegram Desktop with Application

This method will teach you to sign up to your Telegram account with the help of Telegram desktop application. Follow this step by step guide to use Telegram messenger on your computer with the help of the PC app.

  • First of all, download the Telegram application on your computer. You can do so by visiting the official app downloading website.
Telegram destop login
Telegram destop login
  • Now open the application from your computer or laptop. You will find in the Applications folder of your computer.
  • On the home screen click on the Start Messaging It is available on the bottom of the screen.
  • Now you will be prompted to enter your phone number. Enter the number that you used to set up your Telegram account on your mobile phone. And then click on the Next
  • Telegram will now send you a 5 digit verification code. Enter this code in the respective field and click on Next.
  • your Telegram account is created. Now use telegram login link to use the app from your Desktop PC.

Method – 2: Telegram Login Via Google Chrome Extension

If you are not willing to use the desktop app, you can also gain access to your account by installing the Webogram Chrome extension.

telegram extension
telegram extension
  1. Download the Webogram Chrome Extension and install it on your computer.
  2. Open the extension and enter your phone number for verification. Make sure that the number is same as the one used to register on your mobile device.
  3. Now input the verification code received on your phone number.
  4. Now you’ll be directed to your Telegram account and start texting your friends.

Method – 3: Telegram Login Via web.telegram

Besides that, Telegram also has a web client that you can simply access from your computers web browser. Follow these steps to use Telegram on PC.

telegram web
telegram web
  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. You’ll are prompted to select your country from the list provided.
  3. Next you’ll be asked to enter your telephone number.
  4. Now enter the code sent on your mobile number and there you go. You are signed into your Telegram account.


Hence, Telegram Messenger is a great instant messaging application that keeps you connected with the world. Use any of the methods mentioned in this to login Telegram to your account from your desktop device and enjoy aa quality communication experience.

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