Download & Install KineMaster On PC-Windows 7,8.1,10

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This article is all bout KineMaster video editor. If you are looking for downloading or installing kinemaster on pc / Laptop / windows then have a quick look on our guide to install Kinemaster on Windows PC.

In this Youtube era, the most effective medium through which people are conveying essential information is video. Though Video making takes a lot of time and creativity, poor editing will always spoil the entire essence. Previously, people used to rush for editors and some professionals to edit their videos. But everything is happening in a few clicks nowadays.

There are numerous accessible software and applications available in the market and most of them are free. But we have conducted research to sort out all the video editing problems and discovered a software called “KineMaster”. It is best of its kind with minimum drawbacks and known for delivering desired outputs.

KineMaster Video Editor:



The KineMaster is one of the famous applications due to its easy accessibility and number of features it provides. Though there are many other apps in the market, it always takes something to stand among them. In the case of video editing, other apps or software confine to a very small amount of functions. The editing you can perform is very minimal and they restrict you from exploring all positive and effective sides of video editing. If there exists good application with satisfying features, then it wouldn’t be for a good price.

So we have come up with introducing KineMaster, which is best in many aspects with absolutely fewer charges. But sometimes editing in mobile restrict our full potential and not everyone is comfortable with it. Though the mobile application is available we are going to describe all the possible methods to download this amazing application in your PC without any hindrances.

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Features of KineMaster Video Editor:

Before getting into the process of downloads and installations, let us explain the peculiar features of this application. These are the main reason behind it standing among many other apps. Here are really interesting and attractive features, which makes it a sane and optimal decision to install this application.

#1 Recording with filters:

Many video editing applications don’t provide you with the chance to record but are only meant to edit. KineMaster has resolved this issue by allowing you to record both audio and video by instantly adding the necessary filters. This will save a lot of time for the maker and helps them to visualise and record at the same time.

#2 Multiple layers of videos:

Probably KineMaster is the only known app that lets us add several layers of images, audio or video and texts to our primary video. You can edit the video with many easy features that even a layman can handle on his own. It also provides access to draw or write on the video directly and provide many other tools to help us adjust the video as per our needs.

#3 Best tools:

The brightness, colour and saturation of the video can be adjusted handily by the number of tools provided by the application. This will change the entire lighting effect and increase the quality of the video as necessary for the desired results

#4 Amalgamation with Social media:

Generally, we make and edit videos to share them on various platforms that communicate with a large number of people. But it would become a long process to save the video and share it again individually. So, KineMaster has made it easy by linking with social media, where your videos reach all stages with one click and share.

#5 Photoshop effects.

#6 Video preview before posting or saving :

KineMaster On PC – Windows 7, 8.1, 10

Till now we have discussed the feature and other details regarding KineMaster video editor. You have also learnt how this application is going to help you in making your videos more presentable. It also suggests numerous tools that help you in improving it’s quality while portraying the authenticity behind the work. Now, many of you might be wondering about its limitation to the mobile phone. But, it is a false opinion. As we can also download and use KineMaster for PC. In fact, using it on PC will help you unveil more features and tools that will help us through a long way down.

Steps to install KineMaster on PC:

  • Search for a good Android emulator: Any Android application requires an emulator, which is a software that helps it to run on PC. So, download a good one like Bluestacks. As you cannot download it without the help of it.
  • Install the emulator in your PC and run it.
  • Create a Google account to run the emulator: When we have to run the play store in an Android phone, we have to create a Google account which helps us to access it. Similarly, the emulator also requires a Google account to carry on its functions.
  • Go to the app store: When the entire process is done, your Android emulator starts working like a Play store, where you can find all the applications of mobile.
  • Search for KineMaster: Searching for it might provide you with various related results. But, it is your job to identify the best and authentic one among that which is developed by NexStreaming corp.
  • Install the KineMaster application: When you find your desired application, click on the install button to download it on your PC.
  • Complete the installation process: Finish the entire process with ease and start using the application.

The above is a step by step process which is discovered to install and use the Android application KineMaster on PC with Windows 7,8.1 & 10. This begins with installing a good Android emulator like it requires for any other Android app to run on PC. While following the process as mentioned in the above steps you can download and start using the app. Also, you can reach to the official website of “KineMaster”, to know more about the process and other details regarding the application. All the information we provided is acquired from there and we simplified it to make it more accessible to common users.

Alternatives to KineMaster on PC:

Any good application might lack something that other average applications possess. So, we are going to provide some other alternative applications to KineMaster, which will help you in processing the video as you require.

  • AVS video editor
  • Viva Video
  • Magisto
  • HitFilm Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Cyberlink Power Director
  • WeVideo
  • Animoto
  • Light works


These are the essential details and download process regarding KineMaster application. Though this application is free, we always need to spend some money to avail Pro features that are really good in producing maximum results. Also, if you have any doubts regarding this KineMaster PC article, please comment below and we will reach you shortly.

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